Friday, November 28, 2008

"Mother & Child, A moment of Love, A moment of Peace"

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nabila khanam said...

I am adding the following comments received from friends on flickr and fellow artists:

1- From Firoze Shakir photographerno1:"fantastic message .. thanks for sharing nabila..

2- From Hamayunn N A Peerzaada:
"beautiful thought so beautifully photographed..such tender emotion and that cute child looking at the cam...this is an outstanding image Nabila"

3- From Marilurapp: "This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this."

4- From Lisadshah: "Love the tenderness on Nadia's face! Love the photo!"

5- From Miguel Font:

"Hello Nabila,

The photo is wonderful and the message is even better. Us humans MUST get closer to each other and understand the need to work behind a common effort to accept and understand each other, if we are to secure the survival of future generations!

Thank you for sharing your work and your feelings. As always, I'm a great admirer of your work and, above all, your gift for serenity."